Shwedagon Paya, (Birmania)



Shwedagon Paya is a religious complex located in Rangoon, Birmania. is one of the most beautful and ansient stupa in the world and that’s because of the architecture, this monument is 100 meters high and is covered with a gold plated, it’s the most sacred place for locals Buddhists in the country because it contains some relics of Buddha including a piece of cloth and eight hairs of Gautama Siddharta (he was a famous sage of Buddhism).

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little bit of history:

According to legend, the stupa is about 2,500 years old and it was created for two brothers merchants who met Buddha and received eight hairs of him, with the help of the local king they start the construction of the stupa.

The stupa was abandoned until the 1300s when King Binnya U of Bago ordered to reconstructed again and be given a height of 18 meters. Later, it was rebuilt several times, reaching its current height in the fifteenth century. A series of devastating earthquakes in the following centuries caused damage to the building. The worst occurred in 1768 when an earthquake demolished the top of the stupa; Hsinbyushin King ordered its reconstruction, leaving it with its present appearance and original state.

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what can you do?:

tourist can join the usual prayer rituals during the morning in company with the locals then they can explore the many temples that are in the surroundings of the stupa and enjoy the breathtaking scenery, also it’s this important fact that you need to know, Visitors must remove their shoes before stepping on the entrance. and the tour proceed in circling counterclockwise to clockwise.

this enormous and ancient place is waiting for you to show you all the precious heritage It contains.




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