Misconseptions about Colombians

Misconseptions have the power to influence the judgment of people. in this essay i want to confront the misconseptions American people have about Colombian people Vs the reallity we actually live, taking in to account my own perspective as a Colombian. I am going to develop three principals misconseptions: drugs, terrorism and people’s behaviour.

American people usually think that some Colombians have something to do with drugs and also that almost all the popuation consume them. Terrorism is one of those misconseptiosn that affects the point of vew of the Americans and that is because they think our main cities are still battlefield between Colombian army and FARC and in consequence there is insecurity everywhere. The last misconseption is that they think we are always happy and we can not take anything serious because we are always thinking about parties.

As a Colombian, i can clear out this misconseptions and explain them. It is true that Colombia has a history with problems about drugs but that does not mean that all the Colombians are involved with it and somehow we consume them or produce them, It is also true that in the past we suffered a lot of terrorism in the cities, but nowdays we achieve  a really big progress and those cases were left in the past. Now you can say that we live pacefully in our cities. Colombian people are really festive people, i can not deny that, but that does not mean that we can not take anything serious, we like to work hard and put an effort on everything we do to make it right.

In conclution, i think American people should know a little bit of our culture and history. The progress we have achieved before they judge us, also they need to understand that those misconseptions are part of our history as a country but we already get over them.